Boost your artificial grass sales with production quality samples

The number of artificial grass yarn manufacturers is growing. To stay competitive in this market, the ability to showcase your product to its best advantage is key to your success.

Imagine being able to quickly make a sample from your artificial grass yarn to match your customer's specifications, and being able to do this before your competitor. This is where the versatile Modra Mtuft Mini comes in.

How does the Mtuft Mini work for artificial grass samples?

The Mtuft Mini is ideally suited to sampling artificial grass yarn and will make a production-quality product. It is capable of a range of gauges and stitch rates, all controlled by machine software. The Mtuft Mini can create samples with piles ranging from 3 – 75mm in height.

To create realistic-looking artificial grass, it is often a requirement that two different grass yarns are run through a single needle. The Mtuft Mini will take two ends of the yarn through a single needle, meaning you can replicate natural grass more closely.

Why choose Mtuft Mini?

Customers these days are demanding, and they expect fast results. If a potential customer has researched and requested samples from multiple businesses, then being able to respond faster than your competitor is critical.

Presenting artificial grass yarn as a cone means you leave it to your customers' imagination as to how their end product will look and feel. Often yarn manufacturers will send a large number of bobbins to run on a conventional grass tufter to make the sample, at a significant cost in time, labour and production downtime. A sample made on the Mtuft Mini means you no longer need to rely on your customer's imagination.

In addition, the Mtuft Mini is not limited to use with artificial grass yarn. It is a very versatile machine that can be used for sampling other types of carpet yarn (man-made and natural) and is particularly useful for quality control checking of space-dye yarn. It can be used for quality control purposes, such as colour checking and checking for yarn errors.

See the Mtuft Mini in action

To see how the Mtuft Mini works, take a look at the video below. Now picture this in operation in your business.

Mtuft Mini video

Contact Modra to arrange a trial

We would be happy to show you how the Mtuft Mini could produce samples of your products. If you provide us with your yarns and pattern specifications, we can create a sample and send it to you, so you can see exactly how the Mtuft Mini could work for you.

Please contact Modra today to arrange a trial using your yarns and pattern specifications.

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