Introducing the Modra CreelMT

The Modra CreelMT is an automated mobile yarn creeling system for tufted carpet manufacturers.

  • Makes shorter product runs more economical
  • Increases efficiency of your tufting machine for shorter product runs
  • Save labour by eliminating the fixed creel
  • Reduces waste to 2-5% with precision winders that accurately measure the yarn length required
  • Takes up less than half of the floor space of a traditional fixed creel

At Modra, we have a passion for engineering and technology. We are always looking to find good solutions to big problems.

Machinery to produce tufted carpets has been available for over 100 years, and great technological advances have been applied to tufting machines in that time.

The creel behind a tufting machine has not fundamentally changed in more than 100 years.  The conventional creel has not kept pace with the advances in tufting machines. For modern tufting machines with yarn control at each needle position, the conventional creel is a compromise. Creels are a bottleneck to the capabilities of modern tufting machines. A new solution is required to reduce labour, reduce waste, reduce changeover time, and allow shorter run sizes.

CreelMT from Modra Technology solves these big problems.

CreelMT is an automated mobile creel that incorporates winding, robotic package loading and yarn blow through system. Mobile creels are brought to the off-line yarn loading station. Each yarn location in the mobile creel can be loaded with the required thread-up1 and precision wound2 up to 1000 grams per position3

The mobile creel is moved to the tufting machine and beam spliced into the tufting machine.

While the tufting machine is running, the next set of mobile creels can be prepared. Mobile Creels are standard or sized to suit customer requirements.

CreelMT – the necessary evolution of the traditional creel for tufted carpets

  1. Full PC control system with integration to your thread up (A,B,C,D,…) and length data. (CSV, XML, text or export from NedGraphics Tuft)
  2. Hysteresis wheel at each spindle means length accuracy of +/- 0.5%
  3. Package details for winding packages with a maximum diameter 140 mm (~1000 grams for 2000 denier yarn)

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